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Snowflake Step Four – Vampire Detective Novel

Here’s what I have for step four of the snowflake. It’s based on what I wrote here. I probably won’t be using what I wrote there, since some things have changed, but it gave me a feel for where I wanted to go.

A small portion of humanity, called “Schrecks”, are able to ingest human blood and gain strength, health, and nearly superhuman abilities. Samantha Chambers, a Schreck police detective, is one of the few she knows of that hates her “gift”. Still, it’s let her pursue the police career that she’s always dreamed of. Her first six months on the job are pretty mundane until she and her partner, Bill Jordan, are called in on a case that involves a Schreck attacker. When they arrive at the scene she’s shocked to find out that the woman looks just like her, practically her twin.

After some digging, they find out that this isn’t the first incident. This victim, a fashion designer, was the third in a string of murders. All of the women had the same build and general description as Sam. A homeless woman in San Francisco and a doctor in Oklahoma City. They were all killed by a Schreck or at least someone pretending to be one. The most recent victim has actual evidence that the attacker is one of them. He made the mistake of leaving some DNA behind.

The killer is identified as one Seth Marks. He’s a registered Schreck and is suspected of hunting people for food, though there’s no proof. Given his lifestyle it’s possible that he was responsible for the other deaths. When Sam and Bill arrive at his apartment they find it a complete wreck with blood everywhere. The partners go their own ways attempting to track him down. She follows a lead to another residence he keeps. There she’s attacked by someone much more powerful than her. Seth comes to her rescue and together the two are barely able to fend him off.

Seth reveals that he’s been able to find out some things about the victims. They’re Shrecks too and based on the evidence he’s seen they share DNA. The victims are all related. Convinced by the attack that’s Seth’s innocent and intrigued by the evidence that the victims might be related she goes to her partner. He tells her that she’s digging in some dangerous territory and that they should just bring Seth in and let the system deal with him. Unsatisfied with that answer she takes it to the chief. He assures her that it will be looked into. Shortly thereafter she’s attacked by some normals with some VERY hi tech gear.

Seth and someone who appears to be their attacker come to her rescue and they are able to escape. Once safe, she and Seth confront this person. This mysterious person reveals yet another layer of mystery. The three people killed so far are indeed all related. They are part of a set of sextuplets. Sam and one other woman are the only ones left, the sixth having died in childbirth according to the official records. They are part of an experiment to take the Shreck gene and refine it, creating a more powerful version on purpose. The fifth child is located in Canada and the stranger believes her to be safe at the moment. She reveals herself to be the sixth child, Andrea. The person killing them all is an unknown force. Seth and the Andrea convince Sam that it’s best if she disappears for a while. The government is after her and so is this stranger. Sam agrees to go underground with Andrea to root out the killer and evade the government.

They decide to head north and make sure that their last living sister is alright. They arrive at the safe house only to find that they’re too late. The three of them do face off with the killer though. A person claiming to be a “real” vampire found out about the government experiments. Its primary purpose was to create a force capable of rooting out and destroying his kind. Secondarily, the force would be a practically unstoppable weapon. The government was about to take all five of the known living sisters and begin stage two. The real vampire couldn’t let that happen. Together the three Shrecks are able to defeat the vampire, but they realize that if he’s right the government will still be after Andrea and Sam as will the vampire’s kin.

End of book one.


Week Three Updates

This coming week is shaping up to be a better one. It’s Thanksgiving and I’m at the beach with family. The week past (and the one this update addresses wasn’t too bad on the whole. Everyone it healthy and we prepped for coming east.

I am still growing my mustache for Movember. My family has liked it so far. Donations are still sitting at zero which makes me less than happy. It’s not too late though. Go to my page and hit the donate button (thereafter filling in the pertinent details to make the proper exchanges from your money source to their income source). I know I’d appreciate it.

NaNoWriMo continues to go well.. My current official word count is 32,831 which is a HUGE improvement. I’m at the beach. I need to bust out 2,500 a day and that’s doable. I won’t leave myself 10K in the hole on day 30 like I did last year.

Finally, I want to continue to spread the word a little about Issue Three of Flagship.

For two bucks it’s a steal. Amazon’s got issue two for $1.99 if you have an easier time going through them. If you go direct through us you can subscribe. Use the Paypal widget below.

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Okay that’s enough pimpage for now. Please leave encouragements, attaboys, and death threats (HT to Dan Sawyer) in the comments or in one of the previously mentioned financial transactions!

Week Two Updates

Well another week and another update. November has turned out to be a month containing a fair amount of SUCK. My wife had strep throat for the first week (without knowing it) and I had it this past week. It took me out of action for a few days in every way conceivable. But I soldiered on with the days I did have.

As you can see in the picture I am still growing my mustache for Movember. It’s garnered some looks and comments (and a few laughs) but no money for the cause. I think men’s health is a very important cause and I’m sure you do too. If you’ve got a buck or two to donate please don’t hesitate to drop by my page and hit the donate button (thereafter filling in the pertinent details to make the proper exchanges from your money source to their income source). I know I’d appreciate it.

I’m also firmly committed to finishing NaNoWriMo. My current official word count is 15,953 which is a significant increase from last week’s 6,585. It’s not anywhere near the 25K I need to be at at the end of today (the halfway point), but I’m not ready to call it quits just yet. In fact if it gets to be looking bad for the “home team” I’ll just pull some inspiration from Brand Gamblin, a favorite writer of mine, and a blog post he dropped recently. If I’m gonna lose, I’m gonna “Lose With Style”.

Finally, I just thought I’d spread the word a little about Issue Three of Flagship. It dropped a couple of days latter than we would have liked, but it needed that extra layer of polish. We want it to be right for you lucky buyers. Have a gander at the contents:

I particularly like “Revival” and “Worse The The Disease”. I voiced the audio for the former, an interesting sci-fi piece told in first person. The aforementioned Brand Gamblin (Team Them and Evil Genius) wrote the latter. I championed it even though it isn’t precisely in Flagship’s wheelhouse and Zach and the team agreed that publishing it as a preview for Abattoir was a good idea. So if you buy it for no other reason, buy it to prove there’s a market for smart horror in e-zines. I think the price is write and those that filled out our survey seemed to concur.

Heck buy a few copies and send them to friends as a Christmas present! There’s a great Christmas themed piece in there as well.

Okay that’s enough pimpage for now. Please leave encouragements, attaboys, and death threats (HT to Dan Sawyer) in the comments or in one of the previously mentioned financial transactions!

Week One Updates

So here we are at the beginning of week two of November/Movember. I figured I’d do a little update here to let you know where I am in my various endeavors (anything to duck writing on my NaNo novel I guess).

Thing One, Movember – As you can see in the picture, I am growing a mustache. Why am I growing a mustache? Well so fair it’s made my kids giggle. Reason enough to a degree, I suppose. But that’s not all. If you’ve been paying attention to ether my Twitter feed or my Facebook posts I hope you’ve seen a like to my Movember page. What the heck is all that about? Well, I and a bunch of other people around the world are raising money to benefit prostate cancer research. I hope that you’ll donate. As of today, no one has. I know things are tough and so while I’m tempted to let that get me down, I won’t. If I don’t raise any money I will be disappointed, but it’s early days yet. It’s important to raise awareness so even if you don’t or can’t give, go here and learn what you (if you’re a dude) and/or the men in your life should be doing to stay healthy.

Thing Two, NaNoWriMo – I’m (in theory) writing a novella this month. My progress on it, thanks to familial illnesses and helping to get issue three of Flagship out, not to mention some laziness, has been less than I had hoped. This time last year I was at 12,857 words. My plan was to be at 14,000 both this year and last year. If you’re on target you should be at 10,002 by the end of day seven. My word count is at 6,585. Again, the temptation is to be frustrated/worried/annoyed. I’m working really hard not to give in to that. I have a good plan and I like my story so far. I just need to work it. Now that issue three has been put to bed and everyone is healthy I think I can surge forward.

So that’s what’s going on. Thanks for reading and feel free to kick me in the butt when you see me around the net or in real life!