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amttm-agttse_final In an almost unprecedented move, a conclave of The Super Evil convened last year at a secret lair in North America to create a guide book for aspiring ne’er-do-wells. The result? A collection of papers known generally as A Method to the Madness: a Guide to the Super Evil, a collection destined to become the handbook globally of every evil genius.
The collection includes 24 papers presented by evil luminaries such as Her Serene Omnipotence Calassandra, Conqueror and Empress; Janus Kinase Hateyuaniwae, BFA, PhD, PhD, FRCCP, P.Eng; and Dr. Evil-n-Carnate, Frequent Flyer, Grocery Shopper and Overlord Of Cubical Block 3257J – to name but a few.
Between the 24 sages who assembled at the North American Conclave, they created insightful papers on the pressing subjects of Cognitive Perspective in the Pursuit of Evil; Principles of Biology and Genetics for Minion Breeding Programs; and, The Importance of Date Night to the Married Super Villain. Buy it here!

ginniedareMy young adult science fiction novel is now available at Amazon and CreateSpace in trade paperback format. It will also soon be available in e-pub and Kindle formats and will come out later this summer as a podcast.

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Ginnie Dare is the communications officer for her family’s space faring shipping company. They arrive at Eshu for a routine supply drop and discover that the entire settlement’s population has vanished. Their search of the site reveals nothing out of place, except the people, but ends in a tense confrontation with the natives. During the conflict, Ginnie discovers an alien artifact that may be the key to diffusing the conflict. Can she decode the artifact before it’s taken by the Sector Defense Force? Will it help them to discover the missing colony’s fate? Or, will the whole thing spark an interstellar war?

I also have a print short story anthology, Through A Glass, Darkly available at Amazon/Createspace.

This combines the following short stories:

“Fetch” – A parish priest investigates the death of his parishioner, only to be faced by the reality of supernatural evil.

“Power in the Blood” – Reggie is tired of getting beaten down everywhere he turns. He finds a new strength, but at what cost?

“A Good Samaritan” – Trudi and her friend stop on the road to help a stranded motorist and confront the walking dead.

“The Good Doctor” – Selling potions and trinkets to protect people from the all to real supernatural perils that surround them provided the Doctor with a good living, but it may lead to his death.

In one volume you’ve got demons, zombies, blood suckers, and werewolves. That’s a recipe for a good night’s reading, if not a good night’s sleep.

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