This will be the place to see what little pieces of fiction drop out of my brain and yet another way to keep up with what’s going on on my bigger projects.

Things I Have Accomplished:

Patreon Page

Podcast Production:
Podcast Co-producer for Parsec Award Winning Podcast Metamor City 2009-2010
Podcast Co-producer for Parsec Award Finalist Murder at Avedon Hill 2009
Podcast Writer and Producer for the podcast novel Archangel 2008-2010

Podcasts I’m On:
Dead Robots’ Society
Action Pack Podcast
The Galley Table
Scott Roche’s Omniverse
The Grindstone
The Seekrit Projekt

Nifty Tech Blog (Software) 2011
HollywoodJesus.com (Music, Movies, Podcasts) 2006-2008
JoeBobBriggs.com (Books) 2001-2002
Chud.Com’s Creature Corner (Books) 2001-2002

Nifty Tech Blog

The Seekrit Projekt Podcast

Contributing Editor for Flying Island Press – May 2010 to Present

Guest Blog Posts:
TV Memories
Short Story Anthologies
Podcasting the Miyagi Way
Scott Roche reviews “Werewolves”
Fear Is The Mind Killer

Voice acting:
Metamor City – Timothy Mitropolous
Angel Between the Lines – Will

Professionally Published Works:
Power In The Blood – Hub Fiction Magazine
To Stream or Not to Stream – HollywoodJesus.com

Archangel – Supernatural thriller novels (adventure, action, suspense, urban fantasy, demons)
The Battle of Wildspitze – 10k word Manapunk story (fantasy/alt history)
The Behemoth – 8k word Steampunk story (sci fi/alt history)
Compass Rose – YA gritty superhero fiction
Caveat Veritatem (Anthology)

  • Vicious Cycle – Sci fi short story (bleak future, dystopian)
  • X Marks the Spot – Sci fi short story (YA/Middle grades)
  • Truth is No Stranger to Fiction – Horror/sci fi short story (dark humor)
  • Tell Me Why – (dystopian sci-fi)
  • Hell Hath No Fury – (dystopian sci-fi)

Far And Away (Anthology)

  • Bitter Release – Fantasy short story (ghosts, dark, moody)
  • Bobby and Spinel – Fantasy short story (magical realism, Middle Grades fiction)
  • Hole Card – Fantasy short story (modern fantasy, Gaiman-ish)
  • Music Box – Fantasy short story (ghosts, eerie, light, positive)

Fetch – Supernatural thriller (demons, Christian themed fantasy)
Ginnie Dare: Crimson Sands – Sci fi novel (space opera, adventure, whodunit/mystery, YA/Middle Grades)
The Grim Reader – Horror short/flash fiction (Dark horror/fantasy, black humor)
Here There Be Dragons – (YA gritty superhero fiction)
Hostile Takeover – (YA gritty superhero fiction)
Hunter’s Moon (Anthology):

  • The Good Doctor – Fantasy/Horror short story (Werewolves, Western, Modern fantasy)
  • Changes – Horror short story (Coming of age, Werewolves, Western, Modern fantasy)

Knife’s Edge – (YA gritty superhero fiction)
Let Go – (post-apocalyptic sci-fi)
Ma Coleman’s Faerie Giant (Christian themed fantasy)
Old Friends – Urban fantasy short story (werewolves, vampires, light hearted)
Operation Barghest – Manapunk 8k word story (fantasy, faeire, romance, action)
Power in the Blood – Horror (body horror/possession/vampirism)
Piercing the Veil – Sci fi flash fiction (bright future)
Through A Glass, Darkly (Anthology):

  • Fetch – Supernatural thriller (demons, Christian themed)
  • A Good Samaritan – Horror short sotry (zombie, dark, strong female lead, action)
  • Power in the Blood – Horror (body horror/possession/vampirism)
  • The Good Doctor – Fantasy/Horror short story (Werewolves, Western, Modern fantasy)

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