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Super Heroic Idea

Every once in a while I get struck with an idea. Sometimes it hurts. Sometimes it bounces off. Occasionally it sticks. Last week I had the notion that it would be interesting to have a podcast that sought out short fiction (<2000 words) and art. I’m still ruminating over the idea and thought it would be good to lay things out here on the blog and seek feedback.

Here’s what I’m thinking:

On the first of the month I’d release a bit of serialized fiction. This serial would stretch over the course of a year. Each episode would follow a particular hero on a mission. These heroes would have been gathered by an older “golden age” hero and called into action. The heroes themselves would be a mix of golden and silver age heroes. The beginning and end of the arc would be written by me and I’d be the show runner. The other ten shows would each be written by someone different. This would be its own universe.

In the middle of the month I’d run short fiction that’s completely separate from the season/year long arc, but would still feature superheroes of all kinds. I’d like to keep the word count low to make production easier.

This whole effort would be supported by a Patreon campaign. Donors would receive things like downloadable art and a higher quality bit rate, an e-book version of the overall story once complete, and maybe some other rewards.

Please take this short survey to help me gauge interest.