Week Three Updates

This coming week is shaping up to be a better one. It’s Thanksgiving and I’m at the beach with family. The week past (and the one this update addresses wasn’t too bad on the whole. Everyone it healthy and we prepped for coming east.

I am still growing my mustache for Movember. My family has liked it so far. Donations are still sitting at zero which makes me less than happy. It’s not too late though. Go to my page and hit the donate button (thereafter filling in the pertinent details to make the proper exchanges from your money source to their income source). I know I’d appreciate it.

NaNoWriMo continues to go well.. My current official word count is 32,831 which is a HUGE improvement. I’m at the beach. I need to bust out 2,500 a day and that’s doable. I won’t leave myself 10K in the hole on day 30 like I did last year.

Finally, I want to continue to spread the word a little about Issue Three of Flagship.

For two bucks it’s a steal. Amazon’s got issue two for $1.99 if you have an easier time going through them. If you go direct through us you can subscribe. Use the Paypal widget below.

Issue / Subscription
Issue 3 – Text OR Audio (Please Specify) $1.99
Issue 3 – Both Text AND Audio $2.99
Issue 2 – Text OR Audio (Please Specify) $1.99
Issue 2 – Text AND Audio $2.99
Issue 1 – Text OR Audio (Please Specify) $1.99
Issue 1 – Text AND Audio $2.99
Annual – Text/Audio (Please Specify) $8.99
Annual – Text AND Audio $12.99

Okay that’s enough pimpage for now. Please leave encouragements, attaboys, and death threats (HT to Dan Sawyer) in the comments or in one of the previously mentioned financial transactions!