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Evan the Gentleman Otter

Just using this as an exercise to get my brain in full on writing mode. This will certainly happen from time to time.

Evan preened his whiskers and checked to make sure that his emerald waistcoat was straight and that his rapier hung such that it would neither bump his leg nor risk prodding anyone else on the street. A gentleman, regardless of his shape, should always ensure that he appeared as clean and well put together as the situation allowed.

The fact that the gentleman in question was a four foot tall otter who happened to stand on his hind legs and wear a monocle due to an unfortunate weakness in his left eye was not unusual in the least in his neck of the woods. Perhaps the only oddity was that he was a gentleman at all, since most otters tended to be a bit more rough around the edges.

Satisfied that all was in place, he left the room he had been renting at this particular inn for the last two weeks. Moving like quicksilver through the common room downstairs, he avoided any contact with the inn keeper. Evan was a bit… behind in his payments. The work he had lined up today should take care of that and he didn’t like starting the day with harsh words. While a gentleman should also stay current on all of his expenses, once again one could only do what one could do with what one had.

In the light of day the waistcoat was revealed to be threadbare and the gold band around the monocle looked more like brass. He was an otter of manners that had seen better days. The only thing on his person that wasn’t somewhat shabby was the sword. It was a well balanced and maintained weapon as beautiful as it was sharp.

He walked into the sunshine and out on to the crowded city street with head held high and sloped shoulders held back, thrusting out what chest he had. The throng of creatures didn’t part for him, but that didn’t hurt his pride in the slightest. He made his way through and around groups as though he were in the waters where he spent most of his youth.

Soon a merry tune left his lips as he whistled melodiously and before long he stood before the house of his new employer. It was almost palatial when compared to the houses around it, as befitting a retired noble.