Merchant Adventurer – E-book Giveaway

merchant advernturer There’s a book that you need to buy. It’s not one of mine, but I think you’ll dig it. It’s The Merchant Adventurer by Patrick E. McLean. Right now it’s $.99 but you can have it for free if you do just a few things.

1) Tell me about your favorite fantasy story.

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3 thoughts on “Merchant Adventurer – E-book Giveaway”

  1. There are so many good fantasy stories. The TekDiff Waking World series starting with The Account is my favorite. It is an audio drama voiced by Cayenne Chris Conroy , yes all voices and he does better female voice then a few people we might know. In the story a young man is chosen to fight evil at least when it is not in company interest by becoming Corporate Knight in a world with a magical bridge to our own that earth people have settled in.

  2. I am on the second episode or The Merchant Adventurer and you know when you say “That is so messed up” as a complement?
    I have already decide to get dead tree version next time I make an order at scamazon

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