The Casebook of Esho St. Claire

EshoStClaireCvr-CSTwo Esho St. Claire Mysteries

The Gibbering Mr. Cravat

Bearing a hideous curse, Mr. Cravat begs the help of consulting detective Esho St. Claire. The case will take St. Claire from the homes of Manhattan’s wealthy to the Undercity, where creatures of legend live. Esho and a whiskey-fueled strongman named Sean Younger must stop their a sinister priesthood devoted to the Elder Gods to save, not only Mr. Cravat, but the world.

The Current Killer

Speaking Through Nikola Tesla’s ether recording machine, a ghost hires St. Claire to prove that Thomas Edison is guilty of his murder. When St. Claire discovers magic is being used to make a super weapon, he and Tesla have to stop the techno-magical nightmare before it rips open the fabric of reality.


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