House of Phobos – A New Anthology And Potential Paying Market

ScottRoche-Phobia-Tease I’m putting together what I hope will be an ongoing series of anthologies called “The House of Phobos”. Each one will contain five or six of my short stories, each one tackling a different phobia. In the depths of darkness last night, it occurred to me, why stop there?

If you would be interested in contributing art, poetry, or flash fiction that tackles the subject of fears/phobias, let me know. I have a small budget and could open a few slots to start. From there we could see how it goes. Leave a comment or shoot me an email and we can talk about how it would work.

2 thoughts on “House of Phobos – A New Anthology And Potential Paying Market”

  1. I’m definitely interested. I probably couldn’t fit it into the immediate future, which is crazy-bonkers busy, but if it does indeed become an ongoing series, I could definitely plan to do flash fic for a future edition.

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