Review – Campfire Radio Theater by John Ballentine (Podcast)

I went looking for podcast recommendations, something or someone I had never hear of before, and Allen Sale of Astral Audio recommended Campfire Radio Theater.

Synopsis: An Original Horror Anthology for the iPod Generation… Hear the Fear!

Production: The production values are good, keeping in mind that they are trying to accomplish an old school radio drama sound.

Grade: B+

Cast: The voice acting is solid across all six episodes.

Grade: B

Story: There are six stories in this anthology: “Hungry Hollow”, “Twilight Road”, “The Haunted Cell”, “The Master’s Hungry Children”, “Night Chills”, and “Demon Eyes”. These were all fun in a sort of “Tales From The Crypt” way. My personal favorite was probably “The Master’s Hungry Children”. It’s always fun to see a human sort of evil get their comeuppance from real monsters. The endings of “Twilight Road” and “The Haunted Cell” fell a bit flat for me, but they were good. “Night Chills” made me incredibly uncomfortable, in a good way, and “Demon Eyes” had a double flip ending that I really enjoyed. All in all, if you’re a fan of old school horror that’s a little on the “camp”-y side, I think you’ll enjoy these. No idea if he’s going to come out with more, so I’ll leave my podcatcher tuned to this station just in case.

Grade: B+

Verdict:  As I said above, this is well worth checking out. If you’re into audio drama, and that’s just what this is, then you should check it out.

Grade: B+