Review – Unkillable (Podcast)

unkillable_podiocover Today I’m reviewing Unkillable, an audiobook/podcast novel by Patrick E. McLean. His site can be found at or follow him on Twitter at PatrickEMcLean. This book falls into the gritty paranormal genre. I’ve been a fan of Mr. McLean’s for some time and have enjoyed all of his stories.

Synopsis: Unkillable is the story of a young man who is cruelly murdered then brought back from the dead to revenge himself. The kicker is: He’s not really alive. He can be hurt, he just can’t be killed.

It’s dark and funny and sad and beautiful and violent and magical — if it could be summed up with just a few words, there would have been no point in writing a novel.

Unkillable. Life sucks. Death blows. In between is worse.

Production: Solid recording. I didn’t catch any flubs. The music sets the mood and is the same from episode to episode.

Grade: B

Cast: I love his voice and his characterizations. He does voices for each character.

Grade: B+

Story: There’s a reason that Patrick has a business helping people put good words in the right order. There’s a lot of that here. I found myself chuckling at the dark humor and there’s a LOT of that. There are some nice twists and turns. I wouldn’t call this a zombie story per se. The protagonist is a kind of revenant I suppose. In any case, it’s certainly a story unlike any I’ve read or listened to lately.

Grade: A+

Verdict: I would suggest putting this in your queue and bumping it to the top. Then you’ll want to find the rest of his stories and listen to them as well.

Grade: A-

Available as an e-book on Amazon.