Buy a Story, Help Naughty Bits

I have decided a decision. For those of you who don’t know, I’m currently raising money through the month of Movember by growing a mustache. If you’re interested in donating to that you can do so here. A friend of mine (a writer/podcaster/musician and husband to an incredible woman) Chooch Schubert is raising money through the month of November for the Breast Cancer Research Foundation via How Not To Grow A Beard Month. I’m a fan of both my own bits and my wife’s. As a result I’m going to donate all money from the sales of my books via my online bookstore from now until November 30th to these two fantastic causes. Half of the money will go to my Movember kitty and half will go to Chooch’s titty kitty.

Only sales from my online store will count since those are the only moneys I will be able to collect directly and I won’t have to give Smashwords or Amazon their cut, thus providing more money for saving the naughty bits. If you want all of your money to go to these organizations then by all means hit the appropriate link and go crazy! And by all means, tell your friends about this. The more money and attention we can funnel towards this, the better.

So, go buy some books!

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