November Plans

There are two nearly sure things for me every November. That is, if you don’t count Tryptophan overdose. One is NaNaWriMo and the other is Movember.

For the uninitiated I will explain. No, that is too much. I will sum up. NaNoWriMo is the (dis)organized effort by many worldwide to write a fifty-thousand word novel in a month. Now, of course, some will tell you that this is a useless effort. Others will say that 50K does not a novel make. To those people I have some unkind words better not printed here. For my part, I plan on finishing at least fifty thousand words worth of what will likely be a one hundred thousand word novel. How good it will be when I finish the first draft is… not good. But better a bad first draft than none.

The second, is an effort to raise funds for men’s cancer research. Click here to donate! I shaved my luxurious “wooly bear caterpillar” ‘stache off this morning and will be re-growing it throughout this month. I haven’t settled on a style yet, though I am open to suggestions. I am considering a “Lemmy” or perhaps something I can wax and sculpt.

So there you have it. I will be a busy little bee this month. I’ll also be putting some mental cycles into Monte and Molly’s first adventure so that we can have something to tease you with come December. Wish me luck!