New Story – "Let Go"

Inspired by my friend Jon, I wrote a story about a man and his family in a post-apocalyptic world. It’s dark, but it was a blast to write. This about sums it up:

Faced with the atrocities he’s committed to keep his wife and son safe and provided for, Chris is forced into a bitter decision. He must find a way to let go of his family and move on. But in a world gone to hell, is there any other choice?

I also wrote a little piece with his perspective on family.

Family makes us who we are. I buy into the fact that we’re all blank slates when we’re born and throughout life the presence or even the absence of family makes you who you are. My family is everything to me. People say that shit, but I believe it. When my son was born I gave up coke, booze, even porn. None of that mattered if it meant any of it could touch him and turn him into the fuck up I’ve been.

Now I’ll grant you, I pull down six figures a game, have three houses, a dozen bikes, and a damn fine wife. Sounds like every man’s dream. I’d give up all of the stuff if it meant keeping my lady and our boy safe and happy. I dropped three games my last season alone, a million and a half and change, to see a play he was in and take my bride to Vegas for our anniversary. Could have cost me my contract. Show me someone else who’s done that.

Some things have changed since the world has gone to hell. Even my wife and son have… changed. But nothing can ever take them away from me. Nothing.

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