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Review – Is a Good Man Hard to Find? by Gorgon Duncan (Paperback)

Why another book about men, Godly men, training Godly men, elders, and all of that stuff? The simple answer for another book is that we need to keep looking at the scriptures, looking at what we’ve done (and not done), asking good questions, and then we need to look at the scriptures again.

And hopefully, in the process, we will see Godly men grow, be raised up, and reproduce themselves for the church, for the good of everyone involved, and ultimately to the glory of God).

This book is a humble attempt at just those things. Available July 9th everywhere, “Is a Good Man Hard to Find?” hopes to be an honest confession and guidebook to help us get there.

I’ve known Gordon for about two decades and I’ve seen him go through a variety of changes, but one thing that’s never changed is his devotion to God and helping people understand scripture. I’ve also seen his writing grow. He has an ability to explain things in a concise, frank manner with wisdom and humor. All of these are good things, especially when it comes to writing a book on what it means to be an elder and how a body should chose the right man for the job.

I enjoyed this book a great deal. It’s a fairly quick read, but it’s anything but a superficial treatment of the subject. He tackles the scripture behind the topic and gives his audience a clear exegesis. While he and I don’t see precisely eye to eye on all spiritual/theological matters, I find no fault with how he presents things in this book. He challenged and encouraged me.

The only ding I have with this is, I’m not sure who the audience is. If it’s intended for elders I would think that they already have a grasp of this (though a refresher never hurts). If it’s for candidates/laity then it’s worth having a look at.

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