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2012 Projects

Holy story teller Batman! I’ve got a lot going on this year and will be needing to turn my output up to 12.

Children of Legend – I’ve blogged about this before, but this will be a gritty YA super hero series. I’ll be releasing a story a month from the points of view of four radically different protagonists. I’ll also be making these available as podcasts. Starting next month the prequel short stories will be available. After that I’ll begin putting out the audio versions of the longer ones. They’ll be available in e=pub before they come out in audio.

Action Pack – This is a joint project between Mike Plested, JR Murdock, and myself. Mike’s story will be Boy Scouts of the Apocalypse. JR’s will be a western/steampunk mashup. I’ll be writing a story that takes place in the Legend universe. I’m going to give the back story for one of the secondary characters. He’s basically Indiana Jones + Fox Mulder + Rube Goldberg. It’ll detail what REALLY happened at area 51 and events from it will enhance the modern stories I’m telling in the Legend universe.

The Aethellian Age – This is the universe that Zach Ricks and I are doing together. We’re working on a website. We’ve put together some timeline stuff that’s incredibly exciting. We’ve got ideas for more novellas and a novel. There will be political intrigue, magic, adventure, and all kinds of AWESOME.

Monte and Molly – This has been unofficially back burnered. I plan on getting the text written up in January and sending it out to beta readers. I know that Ed will be providing his awesome art and we’ll be doing a Kickstarter campaign.

Vampire Novel – At some point during all of this I’m going to finish my 2011 NaNoWriMo project. I got 40K words in and life interfered. I love the world and the characters so I will finish this. Let’s say draft one by my birthday and finished novel by end of year.