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Part-time Vampire

I plan on building two “snowflakes” this month in an effort to finish three novels by year’s end. It’s ambitious, but I already have one “in the can”. It’s still being edited, but I must continue writing, even while that one is cooling and being beta read.

This is made somewhat easier by my choice of topics. One of them will be a ground up rewrite of the first two Archangel novels. I’m shooting to make that one solid novel and rather than edit it, I really feel it would be easier/better to reboot it. The other choice was what I thought was going to be a short story I started on thanks to “News From Poughkeepsie”. Called “A Liquid Diet”, it involves a slightly different take on vampires, at least I hope so.

Here are steps one and two of the snowflake method for “Liquid Diet”:

1) Police detective and part time vampire, tries to track down a serial killer who may be targeting her.

2) A small portion of humanity, called “Schrecks”, are able to ingest human blood and gain strength, health, and nearly superhuman abilities. A Schreck police detective, one of the few that hates her “gift”, inherits a series of cases involving women who look just like her. Every one of them is found dead apparently at the hands of one of her “kind”. Finally a solid lead materializes, only to have the first real suspect turn up missing. The evidence in this missing person’s case points to a “real” vampire and it’s up to Sam to find out if such a thing is even possible and catch it. If she can’t everyone like her is liable to find themselves on the point of a stake, if the killer doesn’t get to her first.

Let me know what you think and keep kicking my butt if you want to see this written!