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It’s An HNoR (Part Two)

iPOS6 It’s time for another Head Nod of Respect (see the first one here). These are people whose works I enjoy, and who deserve to be helped along down the path.

Doc Coleman – Doc and I have been friends and collaborators for a while. He’s a very good writer, a great voice actor, and an all around cool frood.

Gus Grappin – I met Gus at Balticon last year. Between the podcast I’ve linked to and the voice acting Gus has contributed to my stories, this is a person whose talent deserve Clint’s approving gaze.

Philip ‘Norvaljoe’ Carroll – We were cohorts at Flying Island Press, so I’ve been long aware of his love of story and ability to tell a good one. He’s got a podcast novel that he’s putting out over at his site and at Patreon. Seriously, you need to check out his stuff.

Nuchtchas – A geek goddess, she’s a podcaster and visual artist. I love her personality and the courage she has to push herself to greater achievements. She’s also a fantastic supporter of her fellow creators and a great encourager.

Jennifer Melzer – Jenny and I have known each other for years. I can’t do nearly enough to say how awesome she is. She’s an editor and writer. She’s funny, wicked, and sharp as a katana. You should check out her books, and if you need someone to read your words she’s one of the three I’d recommend.

Sue Baiman – My editor is Sue. This is a thing I’m proud of. She’s made both Ginnie Dare books better (coming soon to online retailers!). She’s unafraid to lay things on the line. Passionate and driven to help authors be better at their craft, if you hire her you won’t be sorry. She’s also a very talented poet.

I hope to give more head nods down the line. Please feel free to give your own in the comments and provide links!


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Dead Ends: Meet the Editor and Watch Some Reviews!

DeadEnds-002-sm When I decided to put together this anthology I wanted two things; an awesome cover and someone to make sure that the editing was more than you may expect from an indie property. I got both. Today I want to introduce you to Sue Baiman. You can find out more about Sue at http://SueBaiman.com and http://ChocolateScotch.com.

Why do you write/like horror? I like the kind of horror that is suspenseful, particularly those stories that delve into the human psyche. Mostly, I enjoy stories that have fascinating characters, characters I can care about. The genre doesn’t matter if the character and their plight is compelling.

What’s the best horror movie you watched recently? Insidious

What scares you? Anything happening to my kids. Other than that, not much these days. I used to be terrified to be on my own alone; but I’ve had to deal with that and now there isn’t much that scares me. Facing your fears teaches you that you are stronger than you knew.

What are you working on now? I’m about to publish the first volume of my poetry. It’s titled “Deep Breaths & Chocolate; The Poetry of Divorce, Moving Forward, & Finding Love”

What’s your favorite beverage while writing? I don’t usually drink anything when writing. My words are typically composed in frantic bursts, on my phone, when I should be doing something else.

But wait, there’s more! Here are some video reviews of some of the stories in Dead Ends:

Dead Ends is available at Smashwords and Amazon
All proceeds go to the Office of Letters and Light. Please spread the word!

Stories include:
“In The Deep Dark” by Justin R. Macumber
“Morning Dew” by Edward Lorn
“Power in the Blood” by Scott Roche
“Getting Even” by Philip Carroll
“Breakers” by Paul E. Cooley
“Breakup” by J.R. Murdock
“Blister” by Jake Bible
Edited by Sue Baiman
Cover by Scott E. Pond