Hip To Payhip

I’ve been using Payhip for a while now as a low cost direct sales tool. When people buy from me there, I get a bigger piece of the pie and the customer gets a DRM free format file of their choosing (and in some cases an audio version). It also allows me to sell bundles of e-books. That give you more bang for your buck and I as the author still see a higher percentage of the sale.

I can understand that there may be a hesitation. Part of that’s in getting the file to your device. Payhip has made that simpler by supporting sending the file directly to your Kindle. http://payhip.com/support/sending-an-ebook-to-kindle/.

So if you’re interested, go here http://payhip.com/ScottRoche and check out what I have available. If this service doesn’t appeal to you I’d be interested in knowing why. It helps me make this dream of being a full time author get a little closer to reality.

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