The State of the Websites

Fyi, as of right now is down. I’ll be re-registering the domain in a day or two (probably). I haven’t blogged regularly there in months if not years. Part of me wants to keep it up for posterity. There were some good conversations there. Part of me wants to do a re-direct to here. Keeping it live is semi-important since I do get email there. Incidentally I will never not keep the domain updated since it’s my author portal and you should email me at scott at that domain.

Having said that I may need to nuke that site from orbit since there’s STILL a link to malware embedded somewhere in the database, causing it to be blocked by some filters. Thus my presence on this hear wordpress hosted blog. WordPress has always been a phenomenal pain in my ass, so I don’t know what I’ll be doing once I do nuke that site.

So, friends of mine, I am open to your suggestions as to what to do with these sites of mine. Please leave your thoughts in the comments and if you’re a web developer and want to help me make an uber-snazzy solution drop me a line, just not at the spiritualtramp address.

2 thoughts on “The State of the Websites”

  1. If I only had one domain to manage, I’d probably forsake WordPress and put my site on SquareSpace. You could always archive the Spiritual Tramp content on a blog.

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