Toxic Latte

8053841955_96641bcd72_m Bud sniffed at the pumpkin spice latte. It smelled a little off, but he attributed it to the allergies that always hit him this time of year. He needed the caffeine, so he took a long draw of the scalding liquid. Something small and hard passed through the cup’s sipping hole, through Bud’s lips and down his throat.

Pain shot up and down his throat, like the object had suddenly grown spines. In a panic he tried to cough it out, but it wouldn’t some. He stuck his finger in his mouth to wretch it back up. Before he could another wave of pain short circuited his consciousness. He didn’t feel his nose mash flat against the pavement.

A few seconds later he was helped to his feet by an older man who sported a stylish mustache and white straw hat. “You okay, dude?

Bud’s voice had a metallic rasp to it. “I am well, citizen. I hope that you are.” The being that had been Bud turned on his heel and walked towards traffic.

“This is unit three-twenty. I am online and receiving orders.” It would only be a few more days before all the units were online and the conquest of Earth could begin.

Photo by Julia Frost

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