Science Fiction Writers Needed

DeadEnds-002-sm For those of you that don’t know, I put out an anthology several weeks ago called Dead Ends. You can get it at Amazon and Smashwords. All proceeds from the sale of the book for the first year go to charity.

Here was the deal that I struck with the folks that were in that anthology:

What I’m looking for:
Something you’ve already written
2-10K Words
Fits somewhere under the Horror genre (it’s a big umbrella)

What I want to do:
I envision this as being a cross promotional kind of thing
I’d put together the anthology, securing a solid cover and editing.

I offered them a token payment and most of them opted to donate that to the Office of Letters and Light, the charity of choice for Dead Ends. I’ll do the same for you if I choose to publish your story.

I want to put together a science fiction anthology that does the same thing. Here at the guidelines:

General Guidelines
Story: 2000 to 10,000 words.
Genre: Science fiction, all sub genres.
Topic/Inspiration: Returning to Earth
Re-prints are acceptable.
Include your submission in the body of an e-mail to with Antology – TITLE in the subject line.
If you cannot, or will not, submit in the body of an email, please submit the document in .rtf format with the following:
1) A title page separate from the body of the text, with your Name, word count, story title and contact information in the top left corner. You may include a synopsis of your story, but it is not required.
2) Make a page break ()
3) Then the body of your text with the title at the top and centered.
Use industry standard manuscript formatting.

Submissions will close on 10/31/13.

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