Audio Books For Sale

Thanks to my friend Zoo at Zoo Station Studios I have a place to record high quality audio! I finally have stories in audio form that are good enough to sell.

power responsibility sm“With Power Comes Responsibility” – Kayla Charney discovers that she’s different than the average teenage girl. Somehow she’s gained the strength, speed, and endurance that even top athletes would find amazing. How did she get her powers and how will she use them?

standupfightsm“Stand Up Fight” – Euphegenia Starr, seer and budding sorcerous, is on the run from Mayor Wight and his pack of fire-breathing hounds. The only person she has to turn to for help is the barbarous Harlan Deathdealer. It’s rumored that the one time bounty hunter has turned peaceful and helps people like her find safety in a world still recovering from a centuries old apocalypse.

Each one will run you $1.49 or you can get both for $1.99. The stories run just a hair over a half an hour and are written suitably for those 10 and up. There’s some mild violence (against people and animals). Enjoy!

Audio Books

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