Referral Contest Winners And Update

The numbers are in and Keith Hughes and Doc Coleman are the top referrers among all of the Way of the Gun followers so far. For their EPIC work they will each recieve a copy of Justin Macumber’s e-book as yet unreleased novel A MINOR MAGIC (due out December 17). Congratulations!

Now, it’s important to note that while they sent us a lot of traffic, no one pledged as a result of following their link. So I’m leaving the print book copy up for grabs. If you have (or register for) an Indiegogo login and use Indiegogo tools to share this campaign with Facebook friends, Twitter followers, or denizens of the many social media platforms you’re part of (you can find these tools just under the video at the Indiegogo site will attach your unique ID to it. This is how we can track referrals.

For every person who funds the project thanks to your referral you will earn an entry in the random drawing for the signed paperback copy. The more funders you refer, the greater your chances of winning! This great opportunity is open to anyone who pledges at any level. I will close entries when the deadline for the fund raiser ends, in just six days. Just use your Indiegogo account and make sure your referral uses your link to contribute to our campaign. Good luck!!

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