The Way of the Gun – Kickstarter

Some of you may remember my experiment on something called The Lessons of the Gun. I am writing a novelette and I am giving away the first six thousand words to whet your appetite. So far there haven’t been too many takers. That’s okay. That kind of thing happens in experimentation. I’ll continue to let it ride.

There’s been an addition though, a sort of “LEVEL UP”, to the mix. I approached five authors about writing a story in this world and we’re doing a Kickstarter. There will be six stories total in this world, including mine. If you’ve already chipped in for the story I’m writing you’ll still get it. If the Kickstarter succeeds you’ll get the edited version.

So what’s all this about?

The short stories in this anthology will have all of the action and adventure that you’d expect from a Sunday matinee shoot’em up with a dash of philosophy and tension as ancient codes deal with an increasingly modern world.

In addition to my own story, this anthology will contain works by some of my favorite authors. Jake Bible, the mind behind Dead Mech and The Americans, Justin Macumber, author of the military sci fi novel Haywire, Zach Ricks, editor of Flagship magazine and author of his own Weird Western series, Jared Axelrod, creator of the rich world behind Fables of the Flying City and Doc Coleman podcaster and author of the steampunk series Crackle and Bang.

The goal is five thousand samolians, which will go towards paying this fine people, as well as an editor and cover artist. As of the writing of this post we’ve hit $640, which amazes me. Even more amazing is that three people pledged at the $100 level. For that they get a character named after them in their choice of author’s story, the e-book, and the printed book signed by all authors. Pretty sweet deal.

So go have a look, let me know what you think, and help us make this happen!

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