Pilgrimage To Success

Matt Selznick is trying to kickstart a follow up book to his novel Brave Men Run. This “love letter to the 80’s” is a story as much about what it’s like to be out of step with your classmates and finding out who you really are as a person as it is about “superheroes”. I enjoyed it a great deal and as such I want to see the Kickstarter succeed. Watch this video to find out more:

To back Matt and his project, go to http://crowdfundpilgrimage.info/. But before you do that I’m going to sweeten the deal. If you back his project at a five dollar level, I’ll send you a signed and personalized e-book copy of Ginnie Dare: Crimson Sands. Go ten dollars and I’ll send you Ginnie and any two stories of mine from my Smashwords page. Go fifteen and I’ll send you an autographed personalized copy of the paperback of Ginnie Dare and the e-books.

What if you’ve already backed him? Bump up your pledge by the above amounts and you’ll get my stuff as detailed above. Send me the email Kickstarter sent you dated today or later and I’ll get you my stuff as soon as he crosses the finish line. That’s the catch. If he doesn’t get backed, you don’t get anything. So get out there and tell folks about this Kickstarter!!!

2 thoughts on “Pilgrimage To Success”

  1. Matt said to write and let you know if we changed our pledge. I originally pledged $1.00, just to show my support, but then I decided to help, and pledged another $50.00, for a total of $51.00.

    Thank you for being willing to help Matt make this book a reality!


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