Lessons Of The Gun

I am in the process of writing a novelette called “The Lessons of the Gun”. It’s an alternative history western that blends gun fights with philosophy. What if marshals and rangers were part of a belief system that treated the Colt .45 like samurai treated their katana? An old gunslinger faces one final battle for the peace of his town, the life of his acolyte. and possibly the future of his Order.

I decided that I’d see if something a little different would work. I’m making a PDF of part one available to you for free. If you decide it’s worth it hit the PayPal button and when the finished e-book comes out you’ll get it for free. Like it, but not enough to pay right now? The e-book will be coming out soon, but given the length I envision I will probably be charging at least another buck or so.

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