Support Some Authors!!!

I put out a call yesterday on Google+ for authors that were in need of a sales boost. Here’s what I got:

Jeffrey Hite
“My story “The Lump That Ate Long Island,” reminds us that just because you can’t see a problem does not mean that it does not exist.”

I’ve actually read this one and it’s a keeper. It’s part of a series Jeff is working on.

“The Lump That Ate Long Island” on Amazon

Mike Reeves-McMillan

“My novella Gu explores what happens when you have an industrial product that can take any shape and become whatever you can imagine. It’s told as a documentary, interviewing the creators, users, fans and opponents of Gu. Feels a bit like Charles Stross.”

Just bought this one myself and I can’t wait to read it.

Gu on Amazon

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