Review – Tools and Means Podcast Novella

Today I’m reviewing Tools and Means by John Mireau.

Synopsis: Tom Brogan. An ordinary guy. With a sister in a coma. Seeing visions of a murderer. Becoming one himself…. and Tom is the hero.

Production: The production was clean. There were no sound effects or music. I did notice one or two instances of line repeats that were left in.

Grade: B

Cast: This is a one man show. Like a few other podcasters, John went the route of acting out each character. He does a solid job differentiating the characters. I didn’t notice any digital manipulation. I did notice that John is Canadian, but did not take away any points for that.

Grade: B+

Story: I went into this “blind”. I hadn’t even read the limited show notes. It’s a good way to go in if you can, cause about three episode in he pulls the rug out from under you. This is an eleven episode story and they’re each fairly short. Still it seems like a much longer story (in a good way) and at the end it left me wanting more (also in a good way). This is a lead in to a future story, but stands well on its own. The only down side (if down side there is), is that there’s a far amount of POV change, but given the nature of the protagonist and what happens to him, that worked here.

Grade: A

Verdict: You should definitely add this to your short list. I will be going into John’s back catalog and checking out his other stories based on the strength of this one.

Grade: A-

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