Astel: Chosen – Ebook Giveaway

Congratulations to fan and friend (whose podcast I still miss) Stephen Kilbride for winning The Beginner. I hope you enjoy it!

This week I’m giving another novel length ebook. This is a YA Fantasy novel by a good friend and now collaborator JR Murdock, called Astel: Chosen:

The Princess of Strell wants to be like any other sixteen-year-old on her birthday. Unfortunately a young dragon shows up and proclaims Astel Farkas is the Chosen One to be taught magic. The Wizard Sangdanee insists that she must be secured inside the castle. He demands she be taught science by a wizard. So Astel does what any other sixteen-year-old in her situation would do.

She flees the castle.

Now Astel, along with her two handmaidens and an unwilling suitor, must figure out what to do before the Chosen One falls into the wrong hands.

You can, of course, purchase it here as I will be (and actually have for myself).

So, how do you enter? I want to change things up a little bit. I’d like you to pick a friend or a family member who you think would like to receive this book. Leave their first name in the comments section. This way the winner will be the “chosen one”. I will contact you, if you win, for that person’s email address.

I plan on giving away a book a week this year, but none of them will be my own. Why? Well, I believe in helping introduce people to new authors and nothing does that like FREE! The contests will be as simple as leaving a comment on the blog, or showing me that you’ve left a review on Amazon or Smashwords of books you’ve picked up in the past. I’ll try and change things up to keep them interesting, but by and large you won’t have to work hard.

If you’re an author and you’d like to pitch your hat into the ring, let me know. I’m not asking you to give me anything for free. I plan on buying your e-book from Amazon/Smashwords as a gift for the winner. So in addition to you getting your name out there, you’ll also get a sale for the contest. The most I can budget per week is $2.99, so if you have a book in the $.99-$2.99 price range let me know. I reserve the right to turn you down, but I will try and do so gently. I’d like to have a variety of genres represented.

If you have a free book and would like me to just get the word out I can do that, but you won’t be part of my contest. If your book is more expensive and you would like to donate a copy, that works too.

Shoot me an e-mail, a DM, or leave me a comment to enter your book.

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  1. What a nice idea ! If I win, I would like to give it to my very good friend Jhada Addams. I miss her very much.

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