Help Wanted

I love podcasting. It has helped me get my words in front of more people than I thought possible. Unfortunately, due to my increased writing and responsibilities with Flying Island Press, I don’t think I’ll be able to put out Ginnie Dare and projects like that on my own as quickly as I would like to. So, I’m looking for a co-producer. This would sadly not be a paid gig, since my writing is barely paying me at this point. All I have to offer is my appreciation and whatever promotion working with me has to offer.

I’m looking for someone who’s comfortable with taking my actors’ raw audio, cutting out the flubs and creating a multi-track audio file ensuring that everything is level. It’s a fairly big job. I know how much work is involved and if you can only help with a piece of the process (cleaning audio or taking cleaned audio and arranging/leveling it) that may work too. It’s what Paulette Jaxton and I did for Chris Lester and we had a good flow there for a while.

If you can help, send me an e-mail at Scott at scottroche dot com.

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