Monte – Draft Two

Mom and Dad are busy a lot, so mostly it’s just me, Molly, and Cyril. We go all kinds of places and see things other kids never believe. Cyril taught me real sword fighting, but he says I can’t have a real sword until I’m thirteen. That’s a long way away, but I can make do with Glamdring until then. I’m not scared of much. I can’t swim too good, but I’m learning. I don’t like school much, but we’re takin’ a year off for travellin’ and Cyril will be our tutor too. I don’t think I’ll get bored.

One thought on “Monte – Draft Two”

  1. I like this. Last line. I don’t think I’ll get bored. He is a kid, he does not like school. “I don’t think I get too bored.” that was he is pleasantly surprised.

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