Kick(start) Brand Gamblin

A friend of mine, Mr. Brand Gamblin, is endeavoring to raise funds for editing and covering his next book. Odds are good you know about his previous works if you’ve been following me for long. If you chip in some funds his way you’ll get some pretty great stuff in addition to knowing that you’re supporting an up and comer. Check out his video.

The bad thing about Kickstarter is, if he doesn’t meet his goals, he doesn’t get any money. None. Zippo. Nada. He’s got five more days as of this writing to make his two grand. He’s about four hundred shy. Coming that close and not making it is unconscionable. I’m probably misusing that word, but you get the picture.

If you give at the ten dollar level and can provide me with proof, I will give you a signed e-book copy of Through A Glass, Darkly. That’s in addition to Brand’s swag. Twenty-five bones to him will get you a signed paper copy. Forty-five will get you a signed paper copy of Through a Glass, Darkly and an e-pub of Ginnie Dare: Crimson Sands. Sixty will get you signed copies of both paperbacks.

These things apply only if you give after the writing of this blog post and only if/when Brand makes his goal. You will get your swag from me by the end of June.

Also, if you are a fellow creator I urge… No, I through down the gauntlet for you to support Brand in a similar fashion. Put up some bucks, put up some swag, send your fans to kick this goal in the butt. Let’s do this.