Balticon 2011

In just a few days I will be bound for Maryland! This will be my third year going to Balticon and I don’t see giving up the tradition any time soon. There will be good friends there and a ton of cool panels. Better yet, I’ll be on some of those panels. So if you’re going to be there we should totally get together.

As of this writing here is where I will be panel-wise. (There is no publicized schedule available at this point.)

Friday 5/27 11:00pm – Exquisite Corpse – Late Night Style

Saturday 5/28 1:00PM – Brewing Your Own Beer at Home
Saturday 5/28 3:00PM – Live Galley Table with Ben Bova
Saturday 5/28 5:30PM – Reading
Saturday 5/28 10:00PM – Unlikely Disasters to Plan For

Sunday 5/29 10:00AM – Pitch Workshop

There will also be an epic party on the 28th hosted by James Durham that you should try to make. Hit me or James up for details or go listen to this.

Sadly, I’m going to have a metric ton of awesome competition for my reading. I do plan on recording it so there’s that. If you miss out on any of the goodness, there will likely be audio of it online somewhere.

If you’re interested in an e-book or paper copy of either of my books I will have some on hand for sale. We’ll also be selling CD’s with a compilation of stories from Flagship.

I look forward to seeing some of you there!