Read An E-book Week

In celebration of “Read An E-book Week” if you go to Smashwords you can get any of my e-pubs for free. Don’t have an e-reader? You can read them all online or download them as PDFs. Coupon codes are available on each story’s page.

This is a promotional effort by Smashwords to encourage people to embrace the format and let people know about the awesome content out there. This promotion only lasts til the end of the week so don’t wait!

2 thoughts on “Read An E-book Week”

  1. Hey, Scott!

    I saw the comment you left for me at Jenny’s site. Thank you!

    I appreciate all the advice everyone left for me. It’s hard for me to get over all the “what if they don’t like me” jitters, but I feel like there’s a really strong support system out there to help me through that. And I’m grateful.

    Now I’m off to download one of your stories on Smashwords.


    1. Hey Nicole! There really is a great community. We’re all human beings though, so you’ll run into some that are less than easy to get along with. Still most of us will do whatever we can to help.

      Thanks for having a look at my stuff!


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