Fetch – A Winter's Eve Ghost Story

I was inspired by the awesome podcast, Every Photo Tells, to write a story. Every month they post a picture and encourage their listeners, or anyone really, to turn in a one to five thousand word story based on it. You as the author retain all rights, but they record and release your story as a Creative Commons licensed episode. It’s a wonderful outlet.

This is part of the picture that inspired me.

It’s winter time and I thought the perfect story would involve ghosts. I love Ireland and it just seemed fitting to write a ghost story set there. After a little research I came up with an appropriate bogey man and hammered away until it was done.

You can listen to the story here and I would encourage you to do so and to leave a comment. You should also subscribe. I’ve heard some lovely stories and there are more to come.

My story doesn’t end there though. I ran into some interesting characters in this universe and will be fleshing the story out over the next week or so. I anticipate releasing the expanded version on Smashwords for sale once it is done. So if you enjoy the situation and characters keep your eyes trained on this site or on Twitter and I will let you know when it’s available!

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